“Creo que es muy importante hablar inglés y un tercer idioma”

Ane Fernández
23 septiembre, 2020|Categorías: Blog|

Ser una persona resolutiva es clave en el desarrollo de una carrera profesional. Ane Fernández está en segundo curso del Grado en Gestión y Marketing Empresarial y valora muy positivamente nuestra combinación entre práctica y teoría, algo que nos diferencia de otras universidades.

“My every day at the Chamber of Commerce I think it´s really different from another universities because we do a lot of projects instead of that much theory and I think that´s a very good thing of this University.

The languages are really important for our lives. I want to do the Internationalization speciality. I think it´s very important to speak English and a third language which I´m studying French but could also be German and I think that´s a very necessary skill here. Nowadays the technology is growing so fast and in the futures it´s going to be more and more important so that is another reason why I chose this University.”