Admission Process to the Degree in Business Management and Marketing


It is essential to pass the EBAU (or to have any qualification that qualifies you to study an Official Degree in the Social and Legal Sciences Area).

Pass the admission process.


All applicants who already have the necessary qualifications to access these studies, or are in a position to achieve them before the start of the course (for example, if you are in the 2nd year of baccalaureate), may apply for access to the centre.

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Attach a photocopy of your ID card
Attach your language certificates
Select the course of study for which you are applying to the Degree
BaccalaureateTraining cycleUniversity studiesOver 25 years old
Which branch of the Baccalaureate have you studied?
ArtsScience and technologyHumanities and social sciences
What speciality of Training Cycle have you studied?
What kind of university studies have you completed?
Official university studies in the Spanish university systemUniversity studies for which partial validation is sought
What is the status of these studies?
CompletedNot completed
Indicate the studies completed during the last four years (all fields must be filled in)
Attach your academic certificates. Attach your academic transcript, certified by the centre of origin, from the 3rd year of ESO onwards. If you already have a Baccalaureate, Higher Level Training Cycle or have passed the University Entrance Exams, you must submit the corresponding supporting documents.
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Admission test

The admission tests will consist of:


Admission is granted according to the number of places available, and is aimed at identifying profiles aligned with the professions to be trained, for their future integration into the labour market.

The centre will assess you on the basis of the results of the admission tests:

After each admission test, depending on the places available and always with the unavoidable condition of passing the university entrance exams or equivalent, three possibilities will be considered:

  • Admitted
  • Not Admitted
  • Waiting list


If at the time of taking the admission tests you do not yet have the necessary qualifications to access the Degree but you are in a position to achieve them before the start of the course, you may be admitted on condition that you meet these requirements before the date to be determined.


If you are admitted, you must confirm your enrolment by making the “Initial Enrolment Payment” and the “Initial Formalisation Payment”, according to the deadlines and procedure that will be communicated to you in due course.

If you come from other university studies: 

  • You will have to process the transfer of the file. 
  • You can apply for the recognition of credits, according to the “Regulations on the recognition and transfer of credits in undergraduate studies” of the EHU/UPV. 

Depending on the credits recognised and transferred, you may be considered for a course higher than the first year. 


In any case, admission is always conditional upon the definitive obtaining and subsequent accreditation of the legally valid qualifications for the studies corresponding to the degree and the presentation of the necessary documentation to formalise their academic record. Once 30 November has passed without accreditation of the aforementioned documents, the registration will expire and the student will not be able to continue their studies.


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